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"Sweet key. I love mine and use it almost daily. So smooooth !!!"
Jim   W7OUU

"Today I put the new Titan key, that you made, on the air. It's a real pleasure to use it. Nice and smooth operation.  I think the OM I was working said "nice sounding key", hi hi. 
Kelly thanks again for making such an excellent piece of equipment.  Anyone that wants a "one-of-a-kind", handcrafted CW key, please contact Kelly, K7SU, you won't be disappointed."
"Bil"  K8MPW

"I have seen paddles that use magnets...but this is a first I've seen with a straight key.  It's the only way to go.  I've had numerous straight keys in the past where I have
swapped out springs, trying to get the right adjustment.  This works great!"

Brian   KE7LOY

"The key arrived a few days ago in great shape.  I just wanted to say Thank You!  This is a beautiful key with a very nice action and a joy to use." 
Dave   K7TRF


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